Alpha Epsilon Chapter at Florida State University

Letter From Recruitment Chair

Letter From Recruitment Chair

Dear Visitor, 

I’m honored and thankful that you are taking the time to check out our website to see what Phi Mu at Florida State University has to offer. My name is Caroline Dixon and I am Phi Mu's Vice President of Membership for 2019 Fall recruitment. This opportunity I have been given is truly once-in-a-lifetime and I am grateful to my chapter for allowing me to serve them and the women who walk through our door during recruitment in this role. Recruitment is an exciting time in a young woman’s life and I want to make sure that each woman who enters our home has the best experience possible. As wonderful as recruitment is, the process can be undeniably overwhelming and stressful at times. Having gone through this process before, all of our members understand what its like and are here to make you feel comfortable and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. 

I experienced little stress going through recruitment as a Potential New Member because I knew that wherever I ended up was where I was meant to be. Panhellenic encourages all of the women going through the process to have trust because all seventeen chapters on Florida State’s campus are incredible, and that couldn’t be more true. The week may seem long at times and decisions become more and more difficult as your options are narrowed down, but at the end of the week, when you’re on a lawn surrounded by your new family, there truly is no place more like home. The bonds you will develop during the journey are for a lifetime and the memories you will make will never fade. I am grateful to have ended up in a chapter that values love, honor, and truth, as much as I do, and reminds me everyday why I stay. The women in this sisterhood are kind, gentle, compassionate leaders, who inspire me everyday and motivate me to become an even better version of myself. 

As mentioned before, we know that these decisions can be difficult to make, but we welcome you to continue to explore our website and see all that our chapter has to offer. If you would like to make a recommendation, please look for the “Recruitment” label at the top of the page and select the “Recommend a Member” tab. I want to wish all of the women going through recruitment good luck as they embark on this journey! I hope your heart leads you to the place where you belong like mine did. We look forward to meeting you!



Caroline Dixon

VP of Membership – Recruitment Director